Supporting Drug Repurposing from Basic Science to Clinical Application

Creating translational infrastructure for drug repurposing.  The UM-CDR is currently building infrastructure to enable drug repurposing efforts on the University of Michigan campus.  This approach leverages the existing pharmacopeia as a source of new medicines for unmet medical needs.

  • Discovery Research – With over 5,000 clinically evaluated compounds available for in vitro screening, we can generate clinically-testable hypotheses.

  • Electronic Health Record Mining – Accessing electronic health records to detect efficacy and establish safety for drug repurposing hypotheses.

  • FDA Regulatory Strategy – MICHR/MIAP knowledge around FDA strategy for repurposing drugs.

  • Commercialization Strategy – Developing a commercialization strategy for repurposing projects.

Our approach

The need for new medicines clearly endures and one important approach is to find new uses for existing drugs and clinically-evaluated compounds that have already cleared several key steps in the developmental path.  This approach has many advantages that result in significantly less time from discovery to clinical use including documented safety profile, reduced regulatory burden, and substantial cost savings in development.

University Partners

The UM Center for Drug Repurposing is supported by MICHR, Life Sciences Institute, and the UM Office of Research.